A Swimming Pool is Not a One Time Investment


Many people have the misconception that once their pool is built and has water in it, that's it, nothing more to be done but swim in it. If that were true we would have been out of business 30 year ago. Think of your pool like you think of your house or car. It needs maintained and sometimes a little extra TLC. For example,  we wax our cars to keep them shiny and to prevent fading, we offer preventative stain treatment to keep your pool from developing  mineral stains. Also, we get our oil changed every  3,000-5,000 miles to keep our cars engine running smooth, we recommend replacing your pools filter cartridge every 2-3 years to keep the water circulating freely allowing it to filter out algae and other fine particles.

The other important thing pool owners should know is, owning a swimming pool in Southwest Florida is very different from owning a pool up North.  Pools and  pool equipment (pumps, motors, time clocks & filters)  up North are only used 3-4 months a year so they are most definitely going to last longer.  Our extreme year round temperatures, humidity, and daily rain showers throughout the summer months, along with the occasional hurricane force winds cause much more wear and tear on your pool as well as your pool equipment.  For example, a pool motor used up North may last 5 years, that same pool pump used in Southwest Florida may only last 3 years.



In the fall, after we've made it through our hot, humid, and rainy summer, unsightly mold builds up around the perimeter of the pool under the edge of the coping and on the grout joints between the tile. We supply all our Route Techs with pump sprayers to they can spray those areas with chlorine to kill the mold and the mold smell. This is not in the scope of work described in the plan options and most company's will charge for this service. We do it for free, just to show how much we appreciate our customers.



 Paradise Pools has over 30 years of experience in pool service, maintenance as well as pool repairs for all aspects of swimming pools. We take care of hundreds of residential swimming pools both in Collier and Lee Counties Florida, including Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero and South Fort Myers. 

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